Flight Report: Wizz Air, Airbus A320, DTM-WRO, Economy Class

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This trip took place in July 2019.


For my last trip to Poland, I chose Wizz Air to travel with. Wizz Air is a low-cost-carrier from Hungary with bases all over Europe, especially the eastern part. Together with its subsidiaries Wizz Air Ukraine and Wizz Air UK, the fleet consists of more than 130 Airbus A320 and A321 today, but it’s set to grow rapidly over the next years. In 2020 another subsidiary in Abu Dhabi will start services.


The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to book Wizz Air flights is through their homepage www.wizzair.com. It’s also the most secure way to be informed of their luggage and fare restrictions, as some flight booking portals are not informing their customers correctly some times. During the booking process, you can choose from different fares including specific services, or not. With the basic fare, you can always book every additional service at an extra cost. Depending on which services you wish to book, one of the other fares can sometimes be cheaper, so comparing it is always worth it.

You should also keep in mind, that like some other low-cost-carriers, Wizz Air has two different options of hand luggage. The one included in the basic fare is really small; a bigger can be added during booking, it comes at extra costs.

Wizzair also offers a Discount Club membership, which does cost an annual fee but allows discounts on every booking. Depending on how many flights you are planning to book with them in a year, it can be worth the membership fee, you can find more information here: https://wizzair.com/en-gb/information-and-services/wizz-services/wizz-discount-club



If you didn’t book a fare including airport check-in, you have to check-in online at your computer or at your smartphone, to avoid extra costs. Even if you booked checked luggage. You have to print your boarding pass by yourself or save it in the Wizz Air App to scan it from your smartphone at the airport.

If you booked and paid for the airport check-in, or if you have to check luggage, Wizz Air counter opening times are varying, you can find their opening times here: https://wizzair.com/en-gb/information-and-services/booking-information/check-in-and-boarding



The boarding process of Wizz Air is not different from most other low-cost airlines: passengers who booked the priority boarding board first, all other passengers afterward in one group, they don’t break it down into groups of specific seating rows. Usually, both, the front and rear door are used for boarding, your boarding pass states which door you should use. To speed up the final boarding process, usually, the passengers are already boarded while the arriving passengers are still leaving the aircraft. This results in waiting time, either on the bus or in the gate area before walking to the plane. Dortmund airport has roofed walking gates, as you can see in the pictures below.

If you want to bring carry-on luggage, inform yourself about the current allowance and size limitations on the Wizz Air homepage (https://wizzair.com/en-gb/information-and-services/travel-information/baggage), as it changed frequently in the past. Usually, you also get information about the allowed amount and size during the booking process.

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The onboard experience with Wizz Air has been quite pleasant to me so far. The cabin design is not too colorful, the slim and non-reclinable are comfortable enough for the usually short flights Wizz Air is operating and the cabin personal has so far been friendly.


As you can see, a little drawback is missing seat pockets, to store a book, tablet or anything else in. The available slot is occupied by the onboard magazine and security information. As the seat pitch is small, it is also recommendable for tall persons, to either book a seat at the emergency exits, or the larger piece of hand luggage, as usually those are stored in the overhead bins, instead of under the seat in front of you, which would limit your space even more.


During the flight, there is no entertainment available, drinks and snacks are available for purchase only. Current prices can be found in the brochure on board, which is also available online: https://wizzair.com/en-gb/information-and-services/travel-information/onboard-services



As upon departure, Wizz Air usually uses no gates with boarding bridges. In Wroclaw that meant walking from the plane to the terminal without any roof protecting you. You better not forget to bring an umbrella when it’s rainy. Also leaving the plane was possible through the front and rear doors, which speeds it up a little.


If you booked a transfer to the city center through the Wizz Air Homepage, you should now pay attention to the meeting point areas, which usually are specified in the confirmation e-mail you received.

I was satisfied with the flight experience, as it was exactly what I expected. From booking, over check-in to the onboard experience, it was a good overall package for the cheap price I paid. Any extras are charged separately, that’s what you should know when booking a flight on a low-cost carrier. But as long as you know what you need, a comparison is easy and Wizz Air is doing its job well. I’ve had several flights with them in the past and have never been let down by them. Only their frequently changing carry-on luggage regulations have been a little confusing.

Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to give you a good insight into the flight we had on Wizz Air and gave you all the information you were looking for.

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