Flight Report: easyJet, Airbus A320, CGN-TXL, Economy Class

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This trip took place in March 2019.


This time, I used EasyJet to fly to the ITB in Berlin for the first time. They’re expanding their European Network rapidly at the moment, especially in the German market, with a focus on Berlin, which is why they’re now also offering domestic flights between Berlin and other German cities. So here is my experience with their service:


Flights were booked through their homepage www.easyjet.com. Booking is easy, after choosing the flights you wish, you’re offered to add all extras you wish (luggage, seat reservation, insurance and so on), as the basic fare only includes one piece of hand luggage and a random seat, chosen by their system upon check-in. By activating the option just above the display of available flights, you can also chose the FLEXI Fare, which already includes several extras, such as luggage, seat reservation and priority boarding. The FLEXI fare also includes the changing of flight route and dates after booking at no extra charge, in opposition to the standard basic fare. For frequent travelers, they also offer EasyJet Plus. With the EasyJet Plus Membership (199 GBP per year and person), you also have several advantages. Check here for more details.

Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted as payment methods, in some markets like Germany SEPA direct debit is available as well.



You are supposed to check-in online, through their homepage or app (Android or iOS). If you didn’t pay to choose a seat, their system assigns one automatically. As I prefer galley seats, and I got 14D assigned, I was happy with it. I used their app for Android and had no problems, boarding passes will be downloaded, so you can also access them without being online. Unfortunately they’re not sending your mobile boarding pass in .pkpass format, so you have to use their app to make use of it.



Boarding is done in separate groups. EasyJet Plus customers and the ones who paid for priority boarding are always first, the rest of the passengers follows afterwards. As it has become a habit for many airlines nowadays, easyJet also asks some passengers with bigger hand luggage trolleys to check it for free, for not having chaos on board with people searching for space to put their trolleys in. It was an early flight, boarding was smooth and fast, even if the plane was quite full. EasyJet is not using jetbridges in Cologne, so we walked over to the plane.

Cologne Airport is open 24 hours, so even when you arrive here at night, there are some shops open to pass time and/or have a snack and drink.



On Board

My flight was operated by OE-IZL, a three year old Airbus A320, flying for EasyJet Europe, based in Austria. As all low cost carriers, easyJet also has a tight seat pitch, but as it usually is at 30 inches, easyJet’s seat pitch ranges at 29 inches. Nonetheless, it wasn’t too bad for such a short flight.


IMG_20190308_071007 Kopie

EasyJet is also offering snacks and drinks on board, also alcoholic beverages. You find a bistro menu in the seat pocket. Prices are at the same level as Ryanair on board snacks, so easyJet also is a little more expensive than other competitors, such as Eurowings or Wizzair. Payment can be done by Mastercard, Visa or American Express, also in cash, EUR and GBP are usually accepted. The FLEXI Fare includes a 7 GBP voucher for on board snacks, while passengers booked in their standard fare have to pay for any snack or drink.

On a short flight like this, I usually don’t order anything, as it’s not necessary to me.


As most airlines, they also have an on board magazine, featuring interesting presentations and fact about destinations they fly to. As usually there is a big part of advertisements contained as well.

The flight itself was unspectacular. It was short, on time and calm. The crew did a professional job, even if the landing wasn’t that calm, due to strong winds in Berlin, they radiated a sense of calm, so the passengers where relaxed as well.

I was absolutely satisfied with the flight experience, as it was exactly what I expected. From booking, over check-in to the on board experience, it was a good overall package for the cheap price I paid. Any extras are charged separately, that’s what you should know when booking a flight on a low cost carrier. But as long as you know what you need, a comparison is easy and easyJet is doing its job well. I’ve had several flights with them in the past and have never been let down by them.


Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to give you a good insight into the flight we had on easyJet and gave you all the information you were looking for.

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