A party night in Zurich

Last year we did a day trip to London, going there in the morning, leaving in the evening, this time I did a trip to Zurich for one night to party.

A friend of mine is living in Zurich and arranges parties and events in Switzerland, so I visit him from time to time to visit one of his parties. This time it was taking place at the Hive Club (http://www.hiveclub.ch/) featuring quite a good DJ with Finnebassen from Norway.

Together with another friend I took the evening flight to Zurich by Swiss after work, so that we arrived not long before the party started. We took the train from the airport to Zurich Hardbrücke, the station is just a few meters away from the club which is located in a commercial area in Zurich’s city center. As we already knew that food is quite expensive here in Switzerland (a Kebap is about 10 CHF ~ 9.36 EUR, a combo meal at fast food restaurants is even more expensive) we already ate something before we left Germany and just had some last beer here before entering the club.

Being at a club before opening is quite cool, you can already orientate yourself a little before the club is all dark and you can have some last chats before the music prevents that. The Hive Club has actually a great atmosphere, even if it’s located in a cellar, it has hip and pleasant lounge feeling, no big room club but one providing atmosphere. Decoration, lights and sound system were perfectly arranged and the music was great from the verybeginning.

img_20170224_2237503Unfortunately you also have to calculate high prices for drinks in Switzerland as you pay about 6 CHF for a beer or 15 CHF for a long drink (6 CHF ~ 5.60 EUR  / 15 CHF ~ 14 EUR).

Nonetheless we had some drinks at the club here, a positive point was that there is free tap water available.

Partying here was great, all night long the crowd was partying, there was no aggression here and it was just fun dancing the night away with some great electronical music.

Unfortunately we had to leave the club again at around 5 o’clock in the morning as we had to catch out flight at 07:25 am back home. On our way to the station we spent or last Franks for pretzels (a bargain actually, just 3.50 CHF each 😉 ) and left for the airport were we caught our flight and didn’t even manage to have a coffee on board as we slept from start to landing after being awake for about 25 hours before.

The lesson is clear: it was a great party night, it was fun to make some party with friends in Zurich, but returning right after the party without having the possibility to sleep somewhere before returning home is not something I want to do every weekend. I really liked the Hive Club and I would do such a trip again, but if possible next time I’ll take a hotel and explore some of Zurich’s sights such as the Lake Zurich or the historical city center, which I haven’t seen for some time.

Here are some recommendations for you:

Where I partied:

  • Hive Club (http://www.hiveclub.ch/) different parties Thursdays through Sundays, check their event calendar on the homepage


How to get to Zurich?

Switzerland has great infrastructure and Zurich has a big airport (ZRH), so there are many ways to get here. From within Europe you can get here by train or coach from many cities. The fastest and most efficient way to get here for such a short stay like I had it is by plane. Swiss International Air Lines offers by far the most flights from cities all over the world here, besides that, most bigger European Airlines offer flights to Zurich from their hubs and capitals.

As always it’s best to use price comparison tools for flights, such as www.kayak.com or www.skyscanner.com.

Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to give you some interesting insight into our trip

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The cover picture of this article is copyright by Andyindia under CC BY-SA 3.0 license. Orignal title: Zürich at night, Original file

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