Nuremberg – A weekend in Bavaria

In October we did a weekend trip from Saturday to Sunday to Nuremberg in Bavaria (Germany). We chose the city as it is known for its beautiful old town, many possibilities for dining and drinking on weekend.

We arrived on a Saturday morning and took the Subway (U-Bahn) from the airport to the city center, where we stayed at the Motel One Nürnberg Plärrer. Quite central, you can reach everything in the city center by foot, good value. If your hotel is not in the city center, it’s not a problem, you can use the subway, local busses or trains, the infrastructure of Nuremberg is good and the tickets are not too expensive (one-day-ticket for public transport within Nuremberg is 7,70 EUR per Person).

Nuremberg actually offers a lot to see. We used the first day to explore the shopping possibilities in the city center’s pedestrian area and wanted to have go dining and have some drinks later on.

The city center is quite beautiful, a lot of old buildings, a lot of cafés, restaurants and bars where you can relax. There are a lot of big stores of well-known international brands that invite to shop around and we were lucky to have some good autumn weather, not too warm but mostly sunny.


After shopping and roaming through the city we went out for dinner and drinks. If you are in Nuremberg you should try to reserve a table before going for a dinner on weekends, a lot of restaurants and bars are full than and otherwise you need to be lucky to either get a table or sit at the bar, as we did. We had some Mexican food and a cocktail at the Enchilada in the city center and sat down at the bar of the Australian Bar and Kitchen right in the same street for some finger food and drinks afterwards.

There are definitely some great and modern bars in the city, beside that there are traditional restaurants that offer local food such as Nuremberg sausages and German beer and wine.

Another must see in Nuremberg is the castle which is enthroned on a hill in the city center. We used the morning of the second day to go there. Walking along the massive city wall and the Pegnitz River you can see some more of the old parts of the city. The Trödelmarkt island in the river and the Henkersteg (Executioner’s Bridge) offer a great view onto buildings from medieval times and the time before industrialization.


From the city center you can walk right up to the castle. You can have great looks onto the city from the castle’s gardens and you can walk through the squares and walls of the castle feeling a little bit back in time to the Middle Ages. The whole complex of Imperial Castle, Burgraves and city wall are some of the most impressive medieval buildings in Europe.


After a Snack for lunch at the Glüh Alm down in the city center again, we made our way to Munich to fly back home (unfortunately our flight from Nuremberg was canceled that day). Luckily it is only a one hour train ride to Munich which makes it a great possibility to combine those two cities.

Nuremberg was great for a weekend stay, there is a lot to see in the city, everything from sightseeing, to museums and history, dining, partying, bars and shopping is possible here. The city is not too big so you can do most things within the city center by foot and save some money with that. Hotels in town are not too expensive in comparison with other European cities and it is easy to get here. You can stay here for two days only or you can extend the stay as there is much more we haven’t checked out during our weekend stay, such as museums, the grounds of the Nuremberg Rally and so on.


Here are some tips and recommendations we can give you.

Where we stayed:

Motel One Nürnberg – Plärrer (Tripadvisor) – A good hotel in a central location not far from the main station. Comfortable, modern and inexpensive rooms.

Good restaurants and bars we visited:

How to get to Nuremberg?


From within Europe and Germany you can easily get to Nuremberg by bus, train or plane.

There are a lot of international connections to Nuremberg Airport (NUE). We came here on Air Berlin.

The low-cost-carrier Wizzair and Ryanair offer some direct flights from European cities to Nuremberg.

From all other destinations, especially intercontinental, following Airlines offer good connections:

Air Berlin (via Düsseldorf or Berlin), Air France (via Paris), Brussels Airlines (via Brussels), KLM (via Amsterdam), Lufthansa (via Munich or Frankfurt), Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines (both via Istanbul) and Swiss (via Zurich).

As always it’s best to use price comparison tools for flights and hotels, such as,, or

Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to give you some interesting insight into our trip

You can contact us by commenting below or just dropping an e-mail to in case you have any questions or suggestions. Also don’t forget to follow our Twitter ( ) and Instagram ( ) to be always up to date about our blog posts and to see some pictures even while we are travelling.

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