Scheveningen – A weekend trip to the beach

Over the winter time we had the wish to go to the beach again, even if it wouldn’t be warm enough to swim, but to have relax a little and have walks through the sand. Luckily we found a deal on HRS Deals ( for a hotel in Scheveningen which is part of The Hague in the Netherlands so we decided to book.


In the morning we went to Scheveningen by car which is a three hour ride from our home. We arrived at noon at the Bilderberg Europa Hotel where we had a great and affordable stay (TRIPADVISOR). After bringing our bags to the room we went out to discover the beach.


Scheveningen is located right at the sea so it has a long beach, dune landscape, a pier and a casino. We went to the Pier first, to discover what’s on there. The Pier has two levels, the first one inside, with different souvenir stores, bars and snack bars. Walking along those we decided to have some fries here after we went up onto the second level. The second level is outside, you have a great view over the beach and the promenade of Scheveningen. Unfortunately during this time of the year it can get really windy up there, so we decided to go back down for some fries. Fries for sure are a must eat snack when you are in the Netherlands or Belgium, we do it every time we’re there (it’s not that we don’t do it at home too 😉 ). The fries were great, homemade and delicious.


After that we returned back to the hotel, relaxed a little on our comfortable bed and thought about where to go for dinner. In the end we went back to the promenade again, had some drinks at the Zanzibar Beach Club (TRIPADVISOR) and went to an Asian restaurant called Wang Hai for buffet dinner. Unfortunately their food wasn’t quite good, we’d not recommend to go there.


The next day after breakfast was already our day to leave Scheveningen again. We took a walk over to the Oostduinpark, a park to preserve the dune landscape. We walked through it a little and walked down the beach back to the pier. As it wasn’t warm but windy some bars at the beach weren’t open yet but preparing to open soon. Many people were out with their dogs and we really enjoyed the walk as we haven’t been to a beach in a while.


Back at the promenade we stocked up with some Dutch specialties such as cakes and candies from the nearby supermarkets and had some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Around noon we had to check out of the hotel and decided that it was time for us to leave again. We packed our things, and went back to our car to get home after another three hour ride.

We always like to have some weekends in a city or at the sea especially in the Netherlands as food and people are nice here, so this will neither be the last time we do this this nor the last time you’ll read about this here 😉 But some infos for you first:


How to get to Scheveningen?

Scheveningen is part of the city of The Hague, so you can easily go there by car or train from within Europe. Public transportation is connecting the main station of The Hague with Scheveningen and the public transport system all over the Netherlands is really good.

If you come in by plane, the next Airport is the Rotterdam The Hague airport (RTM). Unfortunately not many airlines fly here. You can reach it on Lufthansa and BMI Regional through Munich or Turkish Airlines through Istanbul if you come from another continent, Transavia, Vueling, British Airways and Flybe are other airlines who fly to RTM from different European cities.

Easier might be using the airport of Amsterdam where a lot more airlines fly too.


Where to stay?

As Scheveningen is known for its beach and the Kurhaus there are a lot of different hotels and accommodations near it and a lot more in the city center of The Hague from where you can reach Scheveningen by public transport. To find the best accommodation for you, use a meta searcher such as Trivago (, Kayak ( or Discavo (


Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to give you some interesting insight into our trip 🙂 As always, you can contact us by commenting below or just dropping an e-mail to in case you have any questions or suggestions. Also don’t forget to follow our Twitter ( ) and Instagram ( ) to be always up to date about our blog posts and to see some pictures even while we are travelling.


Hendrik & Jardena

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