A weekend in Koblenz

We have recently done another short trip over the weekend. This time we visited Koblenz, the city that is located at the “Deutsches Eck”, the place were the river Moselle joins the Rhine. Koblenz is in the western part of Germany, south of the former capital Bonn and northwest of Frankfurt. The city is famous for the “Deutsches Eck” monument, the beautiful old city, the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress on the opposite side of the Rhine river and its location within a region that is known for its excellent wines. Unfortunately there was not enough time to discover the wine-growing areas near Koblenz, but the city itself has much to offer, too.

We took the car here and slept at the B&B Hotel Koblenz which is a good budget hotel with fair prices and a good location not far from the city center (B&B Hotel Koblenz on Tripadvisor). After check-in we immediately started a tour through the city as we only had Saturday and Sunday in the city.

Crossing the pedestrian bridge over the nearby street we found ourselves right at the beginning of the pedestrian zone which marks the shopping zone of the city. The street is surrounded by old buildings that are in great condition and giving some great flair while shopping or having a break at one of the cafés and restaurants in the city center.

Walking through the old town we soon found the promenade along the Moselle river. Following it, passing some touristy snack bars and a bus parking lot it took us to one of the main sights of Koblenz: the Deutsches Eck. The monument was built in 1897 to honor the German emperor William I. During World War II the statue was destroyed but replaced with a new one in 1992 after the reunification of Germany. Today it is a meant to be a monument for the unity of Germany featuring the German national Flag and emblems and flags 16 federal states of Germany. In the park behind the statue some parts of the Berlin Wall have been installed for exhibition.

The monument and the location right at the place where Moselle and Rhine meet is impressive. It is huge and higher than it seems to be, you can walk up to right under the statue and look down onto the place in front of it.

From this place you can look over to the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein which is enthroned on a hill over the Rhine right opposite of the monument. You can take a cable car to visit the fortress, we decided to do so the next day as we got hungry.

Walking along the promenade along the Rhine with beautiful old buildings on the right and the river with its embarkation points on our left we passed the former Prussian Government Building and turned back to the pedestrian zone were we had lunch at a mall right next to the modern Forum Confluentes, home to the public library, the Middle Rhine Museum, the Romanticum and the tourist information. After lunch we decided to have a short break at the hotel before having some drinks and food in the evening. On the way back to the hotel we discovered a really good ice cream parlor and enjoyed some dessert in the sun. We’ve seldomly ice-cream this good, so if you are in Koblenz, visit “E Gel o Sia” (check Tripadvisor).

The evening brought us to the old town again where we walked around to find some good drinks. We finally arrived at Taquitos, a Mexican bar and restaurant were we enjoyed some cocktails before having some pizza afterwards.

The next stay started with some good breakfast for us. We had rolls and cake at a small bakery and enjoyed the shining sun. After finishing tea and coffee we walked over to the station of the cable car bringing us up to the fortress. You can choose to have a ticket for the cable car only or in combination with an entrance ticket for the fortress, we would recommend to take the combination ticket as the fortress is really nice to visit and the price difference is not big. We paid 11.90 EUR (~13 USD) per Person for it.

Taking the cable car was a great idea as you have a great view onto the rhine, the city and the Deutsches Eck Monument from it. Especially the way down is nice if you sit in the front row.

After arrival up on the other side we went straight to the entry of the fortress Ehrenbreitstein. There is a museum inside offering insight into the history of the fortress and giving an idea of what people lived and worked like when it was in use. There is also a small museum with changing exhibitions, we had the pleasure to enjoy a great Playmobil exhibition that brought us right back into our childhood dreams.

From the place in front of this museum one has a great view onto Koblenz what is another reason making a visit to the fortress a must do when in town.

After enjoying this great view we returned to take the cable card back down. As we got hungry again (we love to eat 😉 ) we looked for some good place to have a light meal during the noonday heat. Unfortunately Koblenz has appeared to be a city where it is really hard to find a place where one can pay with credit card or even debit card. Not usual for a city that is visited by a lot of international tourists. We finally found an Italian restaurant, had some pasta and salad before we went back to our car and drove back home.

We had a great stay here, loved the city and its sights and would really recommend anyone visiting it!

Some information for you:

How to get to Koblenz?

Koblenz is well connected to the German railway network so that you can reach is on InterCity and InterCity Express trains from all over Germany and the neighboring countries. You can buy tickets from http://www.deutschebahn.de

If you are coming in from other countries, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is away just a little more than 110 km and well connected by train. You can find flights to Frankfurt on a lot of different airlines from anywhere in the world. Alternatively you can fly to Cologne/Bonn Airport (CGN) which is 100 km away and offering flights from within Europe or Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN), 85 km away, where you can find low cost flights to from various European cities. Best is to search through a meat searcher such as http://www.skyscanner.com

From within Germany you can also take the Bus to Koblenz. Mein Fernbus/Flixbus ( http://www.meinfernbus.de ) are stopping in Koblenz.

Where to stay?

We chose the B&B Hotel Koblenz which is a good and central budget hotel, but there are a lot of different hotels and hostels in the city offering cheap to luxurious rooms. For sure a hotel in the city center is best as you can do most things by foot, but the rooms in the heart of the city are more expensive. Use a meta searcher such as http://www.trivago.com, http://www.discavo.de or http://www.kayak.com to compare prices.

Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to give you some interesting insight into our short trip 🙂
As always, you can contact us by commenting below or just dropping an e-mail to thealterlookout@freenet.de in case you have any questions or suggestions. Also don’t forget to follow our Twitter ( http://www.twitter.com/thealterlookout ) and Instagram ( http://www.instagram.com/thealterlookout ) to be always up to date about our blog posts and to see some pictures even while we are travelling.

Hendrik & Jardena

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