Hiking on the „Bergischer Panoramasteig“

As already posted last weekend, we hiked two stages on the Bergischer Panoramasteig last weekend. We did two stages in two days, 44 km in total. We’re aiming on finishing the trail which consists of 11 stages and in total these where stages 3 and 4 we did. The trail is leading through the beautiful woods and along reservoirs and rivers in the German region called “Bergisches Land” which would mean “Land of Berg” translated, not “Mountainous Land”, as it has been a state of the Holy Roman Empire and the Grand Duchy of Berg after the French revolution. It is located East of the cities of Düsseldorf (which has been its capital for a long time) and Cologne.

Stage 1 – Radevormwald to Wipperfürth – 25 km

We started our tour by parking the card at a park and ride in Marienheide, the destination of our two days trip and took the bus to our starting point in Radevormwald. It was easy to find the way, as we stopped there last time so we knew how to get to the trail from the bus station. The trail itself is well-signposted with yellow signs as seen in the posts display picture, but we have a map with us anyways, as it is sometimes a little tricky to figure out which way to take and it is also helpful to see where it might be good to take a break. After leaving the town of Radevormwald, we walked through a lot of mixed forest and rangelands along small rivers, grazing cows and farms.

The hike was really fun, we had good weather, not too warm but no rain either so it was possible to enjoy the nature. After 25 km of hiking which became a little exhausting in the end as we are not well trained yet, we arrived at the country hotel “Haus Koppelberg” () in Wipperfürth, the destination of our first day. We had some really good local food here after enjoying a warm shower. The local beef roulade with dumplings and red cabbage as well as the escalope with onions and apple sauce have been a great dinner. As we were really hungry after this long day of hiking, we treated ourselves with some waffles with vanilla ice, hot cherries and cream.

Stage 2 – Wipperfürth to Marienheide – 19 km

After some deep and long sleap we woke up early the next day as the weather forecast said it might be rainy in the afternoon, so we wanted to finish this stage early. After a good and nutritious breakfast we packed our staff together and started into the day. It was hazy and after the first hour it started to drizzle a little which was not too bad as the treetops protected us, only when walking through grass and open country it became a little wet, but we didn’t even use the rain jackets we had in our backpacks. As there was not much rain the hike was fun as well, refreshing and easy to make. Even if it was a holiday weekend and the weather was not too bad, we didn’t meet a lot of people and fellow hikers, this day the only we met was another couple that we passed when they had a break, during the day we passed each other from time to time again during short snack breaks.

After passing the Lingesee Reservoir’s dam we walked up the last ascent of the day and went down into the city center of Marienheide again, where we arrived back at our car at the train station. Marienheide will then be the start of the next stage we want to do within the next month.

If you want some more information on the “Bergischer Panoramasteig”, the homepage of the “Bergisches Wanderland” can give you all information needed: http://www.bergisches-wanderland.de/
They also give information on lodging along the trail and offer a shop for maps, souvenirs and other stuff. Unfortunately the page is only available in German, but with different browsers such as Google Chrome you can translate the page if you wish to read it in another language.

How to access:
If you are starting your trip from within Germany it is best to take a train or the car to one of the towns along the trail and start your trip from here. If you are coming from anywhere else, you can fly to the airports of Düsseldorf (DUS) or Cologne/Bonn (CGN) and take a train to a starting point as well. Both airports offer a lot of connections within Europe, if you come from another continent Düsseldorf might be the best destinations for you as they are the only ones with non-stop intercontinental flights: Airberlin (to the Carribean, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Fort Myers, Cancun for example), Lufthansa (to Newark, Chicago, Miami), ANA (to Tokio), Air China (to Beijing), Germania (to Teheran and Erbil for example), American Airlines (to Chicago), Delta (to Atlanta), Emirates (to Dubai), Etihad (to Abu Dhabi) and others.

Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to give you some interesting insight into our hike 🙂
As always, you can contact us by commenting below or just dropping an e-mail to thealterlookout@freenet.de in case you have any questions or suggestions. Also don’t forget to follow our Twitter ( http://www.twitter.com/thealterlookout ) and Instagram ( http://www.instagram.com/thealterlookout ) to be always up to date about our blog posts and to see some pictures even while we are travelling.
Hendrik & Jardena

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