Packing for a hike

We will hike another two stages of the „Bergischer Panoramasteig“ within the next two days. The “Bergischer Panoramasteig” is 244 km long in total and there are eleven stages that all lead from one town to another and are between 17 and 23 km long. The trail was opened in late 2013.

The hike on one of the youngest hiking trails in the Bergisches Land, a region just a few kilometers east of the cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf, will take us through a lot of forest and meadows and along creeks and reservoirs. The two stages from Radevormwald to Wipperfürth and on to Marienheide will be our about 45 km long path through the beautiful countryside of that region.

We will make an overnight stay in Wipperfürth and hope that there is not much rain on Monday as the weather forecast says there might be some.

Right now we are packing our bagpacks for that two day hike, for sure a the hiking map and out cell phones will be with us to track our way and the distance we hike, but we are also taking clothes to change and some rainjackets with us in case it will get rainy. Water and some snacks are important two, we won’t be hiking through wilderness without any civilization near, but having some snacks with us can’t be wrong.

For sure we will be reporting about the hike here within the next days, but while we are in the forest, we will post pictures and updates on our Instagram so feel free to follow or check 

Hendrik & Jardena

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