App Tips: Booking

This time we want to present you some good and interesting apps to book your next trip. As a lot of people own a smartphone and the number of those using it to book a hotel, flight, rental car or packaged tours e. g. is growing. Due to this a lot of companies have published apps to offer their previously website based sales to smartphone customers.

We know that our post is not covering all available apps as there are hundreds and more on the market, but those are the ones we can recommend to use. With new apps releasing and trends changing, we will post updates from time to time.

Here is a little choice of apps that might be useful for you:


(available for: Android, iOS, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone, Windows 8, mobile page)

Skyscanner is a great app to compare prices of flights from any airport in the world to another. You just need to enter origin, destination, dates and number of travelers and Skyscanner compares hundreds of airlines and booking portals to show you the lowest prices on that route. As sometimes not all available flights are the ones you want to book as you might have airline preferences, want a short trip or want to have non-stop flights only, the app than gives you more filter options to modify your search. You can also mark favorite routes to search faster next times.
After you chose the flight you want to book, the app shows you the exact flight timings and all pages offering that flight together with their flight. If you click any offer, you will then be redirected to the booking portal to book your flights. As always when booking, you should for sure first check if the company you are going to book through is a safe and reliable one.
Good feature: you can type in “any” as your destination to find out where you can fly cheap from your origin airport. Unfortunately I have yet noticed that this feature is not available on every platform but through their mobile page it definitely is.

Accomodation Booking:

(available for: Android, iOS, mobile Page)

If you want to book a hotel from your smartphone, Trivago is a great comparison tool: hundreds of booking platforms and agencies and hundred thousands of available hotels worldwide are compared on your desired travel dates to make you find the best price available. After entering the city or region and dates, the app automatically searches available hotels together with their price and lists all platforms offering the hotels with their price per room and night. As in the Skyscanner app you are forwarded to the chosen company to book that hotel through so you can make the booking instantly. All that happens within the app, no browser needed.
Unfortunately a Trivago app is not available on all mobile OS platforms, but for those not running Android or iOS, a mobile page is available if you go to in your browser.

Hotel Search HRS:
(available for: Android, iOS, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Blackberry Playbook, mobile Page)

HRS is Germany’s leading hotel reservation service and offering its app to almost every available mobile platform. Hotels worldwide can be booked directly through the app as HRS is the booking platform.
Advantage: HRS offers a one-stop shop, safe payments and booking, good and correct hotel descriptions and no forwarding to other pages.
Disadvantage: there is no comparison with other platforms, HRS for sure only shows its own prices, hotels might be cheaper somewhere else.

(available for: Android, iOS, mobile Page)

For those of you looking for a cheap accommodation beside hotels and hostels, Airbnb is offering some great variety of apartments, flats and other lodging in many countries worldwide: over 1 million accommodations for rent in more than 34,000 cities. Even more than 600 castles or mansions are available for booking. The Airbnb app makes it easy to check the availability for your destination, filter the results, chose your favorite lodging and book it. This app is also only available for Android and iOS, but a good mobile page is making it easy to book through your browser from any smartphone running another OS.

Allround Booking Apps:

(available for: Android, iOS, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone, Windows 8, mobile Page)

Kayak is a booking app for any eventuality: it lets you compare worldwide prices for hotels, flights and rental cars and offers you to book through a huge number of platforms. You can either use it to book only parts of your trip or book your whole trip through it. Beside that it is also possible to activate a price alarm for your desired service and to get the flight status of your next flight with that app. All in all, Kayak is doing the comparison work for you and more, but you are always booking through another portal that are opened within the app. Unfortunately they only have desktop pages sometimes what makes booking from your smartphone not too easy and consumes lots of data.

(available for: Android, iOS, mobile Page)

Expedia is also offering a wide range of booking possibilities: flights, hotels and rental cars. Additionally to booking those individually, you can also book via Click & Mix where you can combine those three parts of your trip to get a discounted package. In some countries (Germany for example) Expedia is also offering to book packaged tours from national tour operators.
Advantage: you can book everything with Expedia, you don’t need to change between different booking platforms to book your whole trip and you can get discounts if you book your trip through Click & Mix.
Disadvantage: No price comparison as you only see Expedia’s own prices and none of their competitors for sure (that excludes packaged tours).

Other Transportation:

Go Euro:
(available for: Android, iOS, mobile Page)

Go Euro is a great app to compare different means of transportation within Europe. With one search you are comparing the price of travelling by plane, coach, train or car. After searching doing a search for a specific routing, you can choose to sort by price or duration. This tool gives you the great option to not having to switch pages to compare different transportations but to see all prices within one app. After you chose a price you are forwarded to the respective company to book your tickets. We have never seen an app that gives you such a good comparison of coach, train and flight prices within most parts of Europe.

We hope we were able to give you some useful tips and you found some interesting apps to book your next trip.
As always, you can contact us by commenting below or just dropping an e-mail to in case you have any questions or suggestions. Also don’t forget to follow our Twitter ( ) and Instagram ( ) to be always up to date about our blog posts and to see some pictures even while we are travelling.

All screenshots were made from the Blackberry 10 or Android app, or mobile page with a Blackberry Passport. All logos and designs shown in the screenshots are belonging to their respective owners respectively the described companies.

Hendrik & Jardena

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