A visit in Bonn; Basketball Sunday

As we don’t like sitting at home during the weekend but want to get out and do something, we have been to a basketball game of the first German basketball league “Beko BBL” in Germany’s former capital Bonn.


The playoffs are near, most teams are fighting for the best position before it, the season is going into its exciting final phase. We have chosen the game Telekom Baskets Bonn vs. Walter Tigers Tübingen as we support the team from Bonn.



It took us an hour of driving until we arrived at the Telekom Dome but it was definitely worth it. We saw a thrilling and for long periods balanced game, both teams were hustling hard to win. The atmosphere was great, the home team fans made the stadium an inferno during the vital parts of the game and it made us get ouf our seats regularly. With some beer and popcorn or Haribo (great idea to sell Haribo in the stadium as the company’s headquaters are in Bonn) we were enjoying the game from the beginning until the end! If you are in Bonn and you are lucky that a home game takes place, put a visit on your schedule, it will definitely be worth it.

In the end we saw the Telekom Baskets Bonn winning the game 89:80 everyone (except for the Tübingen Fans 😉 ) were happy and we chose to drive back home while the players were giving their TV interviews.

Basketball is not only great to play, but also great to watch as there is much action in the game it usually doesn’t get boring. Basketball is played almost all over the world, many countries have their own leagues so that you can either visit a game where you live or while you are on travelling to see what it looks like in another part of the world. For sure we are planning to visit other games in future, especially if we are in the USA or Canada during the season and if you like sports, this might be a possibility to spice up your next weekend or trip, no matter where you are.


If you like to check out the game, you can watch the highlights here: https://www.telekombasketball.de/video/zusammenfassung-telekom-baskets-bonn-walter-tigers-tuebingen/1844


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Hendrik & Jardena


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