City Trip Report: Copenhagen – A glimpse into Denmark

The Easter Weekend was a great chance for us to get on a trip again, so we decided to fly to Copenhagen, Demarks capital. We already planned that trip back in October and were traveling with friends of us this time. When planning we booked flights and hotels as the Easter weekend is known to be expensive when booking late, due to the reason that there are holidays all over Europe (and other parts of the world), but we didn’t expect Copenhagen to be one of the coolest and most beautiful cities we’ve ever visited!

Starting on Good Friday we left Düsseldorf to Copenhagen on SAS flight SK626. After a short and comfortable flight and a beer we arrived in Copenhagen in the afternoon. Already upon arrival at the central station we spotted one of the most famous sights of the city: the Tivoli, an amusement park in the heart of the city. For sure we have visited it, but more about that later on. When leaving the central station to head to the hotel we booked the city already took shape in our eyes; historical brick buildings, a beautiful central station, sunny weather and lots of friendly people. That’s what our weekend would be looking like.

We checked-in at the Wakeup Hotel in the Carsten Niebuhrs Garde, a really good budget hotel with modern rooms and a good prices.

After a short break to drop our bags in the room we decided to explore the surrounding and get some food. After having some Shawarma near the Tivoli Copenhagen offered us a look onto one of its most impressive buildings, the city hall. The huge brick building has been built in 1905 and is designed to remind you of the city hall in Siena (Italy), and it is really doing so. Passing this great building in gaping we went down the Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard along the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, a museum with sculptures and paintings from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and modern ones from Denmark, crossing the Langebro Bridge which divides Sydhavnen (Southern Port) and Inderhavne (Inner Port). The view from this bridge gave a terrific view onto the city along the port: beautiful historical buildings, modern architecture and green parks. After crossing the bridge we had some ice cream in the sun at the Havne Parken and went back to the hotel where we had some beer and snacks in the evening before going to sleep.

We started the second day without breakfast at at 7/11 and the Tivoli and the city hall on our way to the pedestrian zone at the Frederiksberggade. This street is a real shopping paradise and that’s why it was crowded during this Saturday between holidays with beautiful weather. National and international shops and brands are situated along the streets here, unfortunately the prices are high in comparison with most other European countries, but that’s the case anywhere in Scandinavia.

Strolling down the pedestrian zone and exploring different shops (we found some great board game shop at the Fiolstraede) and hat some Asian food at WokOn, a good place to have some food for a fair price in the city center.

After lunch we crossed the Inder Havnen again, to explore Christianshavn. It’s a beautiful part of the city, along the Christianshavns Kanal one can walk around watching the anchored private ships and have some coffee or food in one of the restaurants and cafés. We took a right turn Vor Frelsers Kirke, a beautiful church with a red and gold tower from which one can perfectly have a look onto the city. Unfortunately there was a huge queue so we decided to visit here a little later. Not far from the church you can find the partly autonomous district of Christiania. There was not a lot of information on that in our guide book, but we just walked in. Walking through the streets of Christiania we discovered some great street art on the buildings and walls, graffitis and paintings, it appears to be a nice modern community as during the hippie times, selling some clothes and souvenirs, a few places to have some food, but on the other hand there are a lot of not too friendly looking, hooded dealers and drug addicts walking and sitting around here and one can see and smell the people smoking weed all over this place. The quarter is definitely worth a walk through due to the street art and the water site, but I would not recommend going here with children.

After walking along the Kanal back to the bridge, to the stock exchange and library we decided to get some drinks and snacks at the supermarket and have a break before dinner. Later on we had dinner at MAX, actually the best fast food chain I’ve ever been eating at, but unfortunately I have yet only seen it in Scandinavia and the UAE. We ended the day with having some beer and chips in our hotel room.

After breakfast on the next day, we planned to visit the world famous mermaid statue and all the sights on the way there. Passing the stock exchange and walking through the Holbergsgade along some historical buildings with which the city is studded with we arrived at the Nyhavn. This channel is famous for the sailing ships that are “parked” here, the old and colored buildings and the restaurants that invite to sit down and have some drinks. On this sunny day there were also some musicians entertaining the people on different instruments. Actually we have seen a lot of musicians in the streets during our stay here, it is really underlining the great atmosphere and the beauty of this city. We walked up and down the Nyhavn and soaked up the great atmosphere here before going on.

Walking up the promenade Kvaestusgraven we arrived at Amalienborg, the royal palace of Copenhagen. The impressive buildings that are part of the Amalienborg are built around a place that is patrolled by guards all day long. For sure (same as in London and other cities) those guards are popular photo models for tourists. In the background, the huge dome of the Marmorkirken or Frederiks Kirken is rising into the sky, an impressive look and a place to visit while in town!

Walking up the promenade some further we arrived at the mermaid status soon after we passed the St. Albans Kirke which is located at the entry to the Kastellet, and old fort island which is a park and museum today. The mermaid statue was for sure crowded by tourists who all wanted to have a picture with themselves right next to the statue (don’t ask me why). Sure this is one of the most famous sights of the city, but it actually is quite unimposing. Nonetheless we had some coffee here after the long walk, and even managed to take a picture without anyone standing beside the statue:

After the coffee we walked back to the Nyhavn where we had some Italian lunch at the restaurant “La Sirène”, which baited us with good prices during lunch, but only offered average food (which was actually ok for the price).

Later on, after a break at the hotel, we had some really good dinner at the Ankara restaurant, a turkish restaurant with a nice and not expensive dinner buffet in the Versterbrogade, definitely a good place for some good food. We walked around but didn’t went to bad too late, as we wanted to visit the Tivoli the next day.

After getting ready on our last day, we checked out, stored our luggage at the hotel (lockers at the central station are quite expensive), had some breakfast at the MAD supermarket inside the central station, which is actually offering some good coffee, rolls and pastries, and went over to the Tivoli amusement park afterwards.
The entry fee is 99 DKK (~13 EUR/ 14 USD) and one can decide to buy an unlimited ride ticket for additional 209 DKK (~28 EUR / 30 USD) or to pay inside for every ride, but if you want to try all the rollercoasters and rides in the park buying the unlimited ride ticket will definitely be cheaper.

We really enjoyed our visit at the Tivoli which is a great park with cool modern and historical rides and even if you don’t like the thrill it is an interesting park to walk through with all the decoration and restaurants inside and there are some parades and shows throughout the park during different daytimes. If you are in Copenhagen, you should definitely visit the Tivoli, we’ve had lots of fun here.

When leaving the park, we collected our luggage, took the train to the airport and enjoyed our SAS flight back home.

Our conclusion? Copenhagen is a great city and has become one of our favorites right from the beginning. It’s charming, beautiful and stuffed with a lot of history. Within the four days we have been here, we have by far not seen all of the sights and museums we wanted to visit, so we will definitely return here some day.

How to get to Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a Scandinavian metropolis and its airport is a hub for SAS Scandinavian Airlines. SAS connects a lot of European, North American and Asian cities with Copenhagen, but there are other airlines flying here aswell: most European Airlines and Low-Cost Carriers are flying to Copenhagen, such as Norwegian, Lufthansa, Germanwings, easyjet, Britsh Airways, Vueling and Ryanair; from North America you can use non-stop flights on Air Canada (from Toronto) or Delta Airlines (New York), Africa is connected by Egypt Air (from Cairo) and Royal Air Maroc (from Casablanca) and there are lots of flights from Asia such as on Emirates (from Dubai), Singapore Airlines (from Singapore) and Thai Airways (from Bangkok), so that you won’t have a problem to get to Copenhagen from anywhere in the world.

From within Europe, especially from the neighboring countries, you can also easily get to Copenhagen by the national Railways, by coach (Eurolines for example) or by car.

Where to sleep?

Copenhagen offers a wide range of possibilities to sleep: from hostels over cheap hotels to high class luxury hotels one can choose the hotel you like the most. As always, best is to use meta searchers such as, or We have been staying at the Wakeup Hotel near the central station and have been very satisfied with the modern and clean rooms for a good price in comparison to other places in Copenhagen. But you have to keep in mind that Copenhagen is a quite expensive place such as all cities in Scandinavia.

We hope we were able to give you some insight on our trip and maybe some inspiration 🙂

As always, you can contact us by commenting below or just dropping an e-mail to in case you have any questions or suggestions. Also don’t forget to follow our Twitter ( ) and Instagram ( ) to be always up to date about our blog posts and to see some pictures even while we are travelling.

Hendrik & Jardena

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