Trip Report: Wiesbaden, the beautiful capital of Hesse

Last weekend we made a short trip to Wiesbaden, the capital of the German state Hesse.

We went here by car, as it is only about 200 km away from our home, but Wiesbaden is also easily accessible through the near airport of Frankfurt (FRA) from all over the world.

We arrived in Wiesbaden at noon and checked-in to our room at the hotel “Drei Lilien” in the city center. The parking lot was a 5 minute walk away, but as it is located under the Kurhaus the walk to the hotel already offered a look at one of the many beautiful buildings in Wiesbaden. The Kurhaus is home to a casino and gate to the Kurpark, a park to relax and enjoy nature within the city center.

The Kurhaus/Casino

After dropping our bags at the hotel we went out to explore the city. Equipped with a map the first and nearest sight to visit was the “Kochbrunnen”. It is a thermal fountain that is pumping up hot sulfurous water that was steaming due to the low temperature outside. Right next to it, in a little pavilion one can also drink the thermal water or bottle it and take it home as this water is said to be healthy and curing maladies.


Our way than took us to the Langgasse, a pedestrian zone street in the city center and one of the best places to do some shopping in Wiesbaden. The Langgasse curves around the city center and many sights within it. We walked through the street that was crowded as it might always be on sunny Saturdays and we enjoyed the music made by musicians performing in the streets and the wide variety of shops offering everything from books and postcards, over souvenirs, clothing and records to antiquities. We had luck with the weather as the sun was shining bright. This gave us the possibility to explore the city center and visit most of the sights, parks and beautiful buildings already on our first day here.

We walked over a crowded market place next to the city hall of Wiesbaden and the Landtag (Parliament) of Hesse which is located in the City Palace.

The Wiesbaden City Hall

Right next to the City Hall and Landtag the Marktkirche (Market Church) is raising its five towers into the sky. The neo-Gothic building that was finished in 1862 has been one of the largest brick buildings worldwide at that time. The main tower has a height of 98m.

City Hall and Marktkirche

As we became hungry from all the walking around we decided to look out for some Italian restaurant. After some searching through the area we discovered the small Pizzeria Portofino (address: Bahnhofstr. 18, Wiesbaden) which served us some delicious homemade pizzas and pizza bread and we walked out very satisfied after eating and didn’t even pay more than 18€ for two pizzas, pizza bread and two drinks, which definitely is a fair price!

Sated but full of energy we decided to walk around the shopping areas again before we were meeting a friend at a café nearby. We met her at the “Heimathafen” (address: Karlstr. 22, Wiesbaden /, a cozy little café and coworking place that she actually designed and decorated. The café is a great place to relax, have some chats, drink a coffee and enjoy some really good cake. The affiliated coworking space is offering independent professionals and freelancers bureaus and conference rooms for single use or permanent rent. We really enjoyed the break here and can definitely recommend this place! There are many cafés in Wiesbaden, but you shouldn’t forget about this one.

After getting some last tips for what to do in Wiesbaden we walked through the city center again, back to our hotel. Before arriving there we had to stop at the world’s largest Cuckoo-Clock for sure! It is located at the street “An den Quellen” and actually providing the frame for the shop window of a Clock and Gift shop. The shop offers hundreds of different cuckoo-clocks, smokers and figurines in all styles. The clocks are great (some more beautiful, some less) and a great souvenir, but with a price range of 200-2500+ Euros for the better ones it’s a costy one. For sure there are some cheaper ones starting from 35€, but that’s also what they look like 😉

The World's Biggest Cuckoo-Clock

As it was already closing time, we left the shop again, got some beer and soft drinks and went back to our hotel. We sat down to write some postcards and watch a basketball game on TV before and were even too lazy to leave the room after that as we were up and travelling since early this morning. So we decided to do some more sightseeing the next day.

Unfortunately the next day started cloudy and rainy and was not meant to better.

We had some breakfast at a nearby bakery and thought about what to do. As the weather was getting worse and the train up to the Neroberg was not going this day, we decided to drive back home. But as we decided to visit my uncle for his birthday, we got some cake at the Café Maldaner. Another place you shouldn’t miss out on: It was the first Vienna style coffee house in Germany and is still held in the historic Austrian style. They offer a great choice of delicious regional and European cakes and pies to enjoy it at the café of for takeaway. We decided to take it back home with us, and we can say that even if it wasn’t cheap, it was worth every cent!

Café Maldaner

Even if we left Wiesbaden again this early, we will definitely be going back here one day as there is so much to discover. And so should you do, visit this city, you won’t be disappointed!

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Hendrik & Jardena

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