DOCUMENTARY: Tale of a Forest

We want to start the new year with a tip for a documentary to watch and to get a great feeling of the Scandinavian nature that is out there to be discovered:

Tale of a Forest (Original: Metsän Tarina, German: Wunder des Waldes) is a Finnish documentary telling you the story of the Finnish forrests and its inhabitants.

With a soft voice the speaker gives interesting insight into the forest life, the animals that live here and the bonding of the indigeneous people of Finnland and Scandinavia while impressive pictures are accentuated by perfectly adjusted classical music. Different seasons and weather conditions that plants and animals are struggling with are shown and a lot of different animals living in the nordic forests are portrayed. The narrative flow of the speaker which is supposed to be the father telling a story to his son is intermitted by the son reading parts of the ancient stories that native people have told.

The filming techniques used provide a great insight into the beauty of the nature. Panning shots and freeze frames are used to give an overview over the huge forrests and are mostly filmed from hills, while animals are shown in action and portrayed in artless behavior and great takes.
It’s a documentary for the whole family to teach children about nature in a really interesting way and an ideal way for yourself to get some inspiration for your next journeys.

As the film is available in HD on BluRay or some streaming platforms one should definitely consider to view these impressive pictures on a TV or screen as large as possible.

Want to see something? Here’s the English trailer:

Got curious?
The DVD or Blurays are available from Amazon for example, in Germany it is also available on Netflix.

More about the film on
Tiberius Film (German):
Nordisk Film (Finnish):

We hope you all have a great start into 2015 and are going along with us sharing our travel experiences and tips with you.

Video source:

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