BOOKING TIP: Blind Booking by Germanwings

Today we want to show you a way to make your next vacation a great surprise if you start from Germany. No matter if you are living in or near Germany or if you want to explore Europe while on a trip abroad. And the price is only 66 EUR per person.

Germanwings offers a booking option called “Blind Booking”. What does that mean?

If you visit the Germanwings homepage and chose Blind Booking you can choose out of the six originating German airports Düsseldorf (DUS), Cologne/Bonn (CGN), Berlin (TXL), Hanover (HAJ), Stuttgart (STR) and Hamburg (HAM). Each airport gives you a different categories such as culture, shopping, gay friendly or party to choose from (as Düsseldorf and Cologne are Germanwings hubs those two airports have the largest choice). In summer there is a category offering beach and sun destinations, winter offers airports near ski or hiking areas. Each category contains a selection of different domestic and international destinations all over Europe. If you choose one category you would like to book you can choose your dates and eliminate up to five destinations. The price with all destinations is always 66 EUR return price including all taxes (only hand luggage included), each destination you eliminate rises the price by 5 EUR. After that you proceed with the standard booking process. Enter your data, choose services such as luggage and seat reservation and pay. When you entered all data and click the button to finish the booking the Germanwings homepage will show you the destination you are going to, including your flight times and it will send your ticket to your E-Mail. For sure you can immediately book your hotel than.

That actually is a great way to make your next trip a surprise on one hand and cheap on the other.

But please make sure to know, that this offer is bookable 1 ½ months prior to departure only (the return date must be withing those 45 days from your day of booking, too). It is also a Non-Refundable tariff that does not allow rebooking or name change (for sure are the booking process wouldn’t be any surprise anymore if you could cancel your flight just because you don’t like the destination 😉 ).

We hope this is a nice offer and possibility for your next trip. We have made great experience with it and were already visiting London (UK), Friedrichshafen (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary) through Blind Booking and will book it again in future.

Go directly to Blind Booking:

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