We hope you got a little bit interested in the Island of Tenerife and the Canary Islands. In this aticle we want to give you some interesting tipps and know-how for and about the island.

How to get to Tenerife?

The Island has two airports, one in the north (small airport with mostly inter island and domestic flights to the Spanish mainland) and one in the south (bigger airport with major traffic from most European airports). Most major airports in Europe have a direct connection to Tenerife South airport (TFS), during high seasons there are also a lot of charter flights from smaller airports throughout the continent. If you are coming in from North or South America, you can go to Tenerife from most airports with connecting flights in Madrid (Iberia, Air Europa) or Barcelona (Vueling), Asia is connected through Moscow (Aeroflot, Transaero), Helsinki (Finnair) or Vienna (Austrian Airlines), also Africa hast possible Connections on Iberia through Madrid, or a few direct flights from Morocco, Gambia and Senegal.

If you are coming from the European main land, ferrys are another possibility but only few people use that transportation to get onto the island as the ferry trip takes quite long.

Where to eat and dine?

As many regions with a lot of tourism, Tenerife offers a lot of possibilities to have your meals.
First and easiest: most hotels offer all different kinds of boardings from room only to all inclusive.

On Tenerife you don’t really need more than breakfast included in your hotel stay if you want to tour around on the island. There are a lot of cafés and restaurants even in the smallest villages that offer you anything from snacks to full dishes. Typical Spanish food like Paella, Tapas and regional seafood is offered in many restaurants, most cafés have a choice of sandwiches (toast or bread rolls) or fast food suchs as fries, meat dishes or burgers on their menu.

Some places I’ve been to and can reccomend:
Bar La Duqesa- La Orotava: Very nice and folksy furniture, a menu mix of regional and continental food and drinks and located right next to the central church in La Orotava. Prices are low, if you dine in you pay about 8-12€ per person.

Restaurante Punta Brava – Puerto de la Cruz: A small walk away from the city center near the entrance of the Loro Parque this small restaurant offers you regional food for a low price at high quality. Delicious salads, nice grilled chicken and seafood you are craving for. All that in the atmosphere of a traditional spanish countryhouse with an open kitchen and bar. The prices are quite low as well, ranging between 8 and 15€ per Person for meal and drink depending on your dish.

El Guachinche de Peter – Santa Cruz: A restaurant in modern spanish style, a lot of wood, the interior and bar are designed like a ship. The menu offers different tapas and regional food. We had a plate of different regional tapas here (fried fish, friend mushrooms, salt potatoes, canary style rabbit and croquettes with typical green and red sauces) which was really good. Prices are between 10-20€ per Person depending on your dish.

Nightlife and Bars:

Most bigger hotels offer a hotel bar, but bars are also present all through the towns of the island. As the Canary Islands are a partly autonomous region of Spain, there are lower taxes on alcohol so that you can have quite cheap drinks here compared to the rest of Europe. If you want to go out at night, Santa Cruz offers the most nightclubs, but most towns with hotels have minimum one club or discotheque beside bars. Especially near the beaches in the southern part of the island offer a variety of possibilities to party.
A good cocktailbar with a great view is the cocktailbar at the Maritim Hotel in Puerto de la Cruz. While sipping your longdrinks and cocktails you can watch the surf down at the cliffs the hotel is built on. The guest room offers a great sea view through big windows. From 5pm to 7pm there is a happy hours, most longdrinks are 3,50€ only, not only for hotel guests.

Where to stay?

I can’t recommend a specific hotel, but the region you stay in is quite important if you plan a specific trip.
A hotel in the northern part offers you a great range of possibilities and a good balance of the possibilities to visit beaches, explore regional specialties and reach the most important sights of the island. Whereas the southern part offers the perfect constitutions for a relaxed beach or club vacation with great hotels and more constant weather conditions than the changeabel north.
No matter where you stay, I can definitely recommend renting a car while on the island as there are a lot of things that can only be reached by car. Beside that, most tour operators also offer guided tours by bus to most major sights and to the neighboring islands. Those tours are not bad, they are reasonably priced and you don’t have to drive but can enjoy the views and the nature. For sure those bus tours are nothing for you if you like individual travelling.