Tenerife trip and travel essentials

From tomorrow on I (Hendrik) will be on Tenerife for some days.

For sure I’ll be posting a detailed trip report including tips what to visit, hotel tips, restaurant reviews and a lot of pictures afterwards, but at first these are my essentials for my 4:45h flight from DUS to TFS tomorrow and for the trip:

Book: Jangtse by Tor Farovik: A book published by National Geographics about his travels throught the Jangtse Region. Have just begun to read it but I can yet say that this book is really interessting and ties me to go on reading. It will actually be my inflight entertainment and keep me busy reading at the beach 😉

Camera: Canon EOS 400: Together with a high quality lens this camera is the perfect item to take quality pictures you can show your friends and relatives afterwards. Not too large and reasonably priced.

Tablet: Microsoft Surface RT: A great companion for some time now. I use my tablet to view my pictures and save them everyday, keep me updated online and if there is a rainy day at the hotel one can easily distract some time with it.

Phone: Blackberry Z10: For sure my phone is also with me on all of my trips. It’s perfect to give a free call home through BlackBerry Messenger BBM or Skype, post some pictures on our instagram (@thealterlookout) or do some messaging. As my phone is also my navigation system it’s really important for round trips on rental cars.

Headphones: WESC Bass: Perfect for listening to music, watching films on your tablet, using them as headset or plugging them in to the inflight entertainment system in the plane as alternative to the cheap free headphones that are handed out. Reasonably priced so any traveler can afford.

Passport, wallet and top bonus card: These three things are the real essentials. No trip without passport, money, creditcards and as we are mostly flying on Airberlin or Star Alliance Airlines, topbonus and Miles&More give us interesting offers to get some of the cash we invested back.


Also important (but forgotten): A good guidebook. I am using the one from ADAC, German automobile club and will be reporting about its qualities.


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